Through implementing the action items in the Lake Management Plan, we intend that lake property owners will use best management practices on their properties and that the shorelands of the lake will become increasingly healthy over time. Here are a number of resources related to healthy shorelands:

  • Insert link to Washington County Shoreland zoning regulations
  • Rip rap placement, replacement, and repair guidelines – new regulations related to rip rap (a border of stones placed at the shoreline to prevent erosion)
  • Healthy Lakes Best Practices – information on five simple and inexpensive best management practices that improve habitat and water quality on your lakeshore property: native plantings, rain gardens, fish sticks, diversion, and rock infiltration.
  • The Water’s Edge – Helping fish and wildlife on your waterfront property
  • Impervious Surfaces – How they impact fish, wildlife, and property values
  • Add a link to Pike Lake Shoreline Vegetation Scores if applicable – a very rough comparative measure of the health of the shoreline for each property on the lake, as scored by a Waushara County survey, based on¬†natural and physical characteristics